Mai Busketo

So a 5-gallon pail branded with Evangelion graphics popped up in my feeds. It sure seems like some bizarre branding, but with grandad reclaiming the 5 gallon pail he gave me (what makes it funnier, is that, like everything he gives me, he wrote my name and birthdate all over it. When I was moving, he grabbed it and said "Hey, this is one of mine isn't it? and looking at my name in 4" lettering on the side, I said "It sure is."), I am in need of a new one. (Or not.) Looking over it's particulars, I noticed a few things.
  1.  NERV is now U.N. NERV, I guess as a nod to U.N. Spacy from Macross.
  2.  The pail is Blood Type BASCKET (not Blue, so it's not an angel)

I really can't imagine taking flowers to some one in a 5 gallon pail. Maybe they mean Busket?

(If you think this is the longest stretch I've gone to for a joke, I should introduce myself sometime. )