Bobbing for Scorpions

So, in-between falling back to sleep, and re-assuring Grandad that I don't mind classes being called off, nor are they going to fire me for not attending when I've explicitly been told not to come, I've geen fooling around on the internet. Which means finding things I can't believe exist.

Now, the Fear Factor jazz, I get. The Mario Party board they run on, the Legend of the Hidden Temple dressing, I can follow. The fact they do it surrounded by Mork, trolls,executioner midgets, women in faerie wings, Obelix, and a Van Wizard is unexplained. (Also, if cunningly brutal Mork is there, where is brutally cunning Gork?)

The trailer is over at Topless Robot, along with Doc Rotwang's notice of the fiery demise of his pants.