GI joe customs : Eco-assortment

I've had some variation of this post in draft for almost a month now. It's been one of those busy times where nothing much comes of it, so I'll just scatter this to the winds and move on to the next batch (post-Custom Con, fingers crossed.)

Biosefera :Wanted to do some of the foreign repaints, and went with a similar recipe to my Sneak Peek. Switched out Wraith lower legs, and decided a closed visor would work better for an Eco-Trooper.
 Eco-Warriors Flint : Not sure to use my spare Sci-fi for Heat-Viper v2, Raio Verde, or Eco-Flint. I do like the Airtight gear, and think it might work for Red Torches or a Dragonsky. Tried out some Viper boots. Might go with a SM Falcon head if I make him Flint.
Jungle-Viper : Thought the Tron head would work for Jungle-Viper or Heat-Viper v2. Had a couple Kickstarts to try it out on.
Pathfinder : I've gone back and forth on Pathfinder recipes. I knew I'd want to use the Lifeline head once I got a spare, but I had originally thought of the Shipwreck/Storm Rider after seeing the club's Topside. Now that I've got the vest, I think I might go to a Tunnel Rat (since the torso is covered) and the waist is so thick compared to the Duke legs. But I want to use those Duke legs, for the boss camo. Argh.
 Skull Squad Trooper : In one of the con sets, they decided Major Bludd could use some dudes to boss around. That sounds like a plan.

Thought the Neo-Viper bodies were close to the Avalanche body from the Con set. Probably paint the right shoulder armor silver, so it's a little closer.

Normally the bandoliers don't work for me (it's understandable for guys like Rock n' Roll who have a Hog to operate), but I'd believe it on guys working for Bludd.
Skull Squad Viper : Originally, I was going to make a Sonic Viper, then I saw a Micro-Heroes style sig of Skull Squad, and they had some Vipers done up in Major Bludd's colors.

Made a Viper recipe from some spare Shock Trooper, Storm Shadow and Duke parts. Vest from Kickstart, head from Python Viper (spare still needs some work.)
Sludge-Viper : Mucking my way through the Eco-Warriors/Toxo-troops, and strangely, the most recent guy is the most complete.

Shock Trooper torso to improve the fit of the Firefly harness, rest from Hazard Viper, head from Air Viper Commando. A little pin-vice action to fit the hose.
Steel Brigade : I'm thinking of having him be across between the Gold head SB, and the SB Commander.

Shock Trooper, Firefly torso (so the neck post would reach over the Cobra Commander jacket collar).

 Rock n' Roll : Most Rock n' Rolls I see use Thor or Hogun heads, and are totally diesel. I want a Rock n' Roll that's a more regular looking dude that doesn't look like he bench-presses cars.

Sculpted some hair on a Renegades Tunnel Rat head, tried to pattern it on the Sideshow Rock n Roll alternate head.

 Sneak Peek : And here's the reason I've got a spare Sci-Fi (well, trade fodder is another reason.) Once I had a Sci-Fi in hand, I realized I could use those boots for Sneak, here. Swapped in some Ren Firefly upper legs, and once I paint those knees and slap some more black on him, he'll be good.