G.I. Joe customs : EoS core dump

Now the semester is over, I can finally relax and muck around again. (No twelve hour days! No console.logs! No Flex licensing SystemFlippers and SIGSEGV errors!) Wave 3 just hit, and Wave 4 is on it's heels.

(Insert Daffy Duck's "Mine, all mine" speech here)
Not pictured, another trooper and techno-viper. Fortunately for my Army-building self, the only other collector in the area seems to be a One-of-Each guy.

Hey, how about that trailer?

Chock full of ninjas and Vipers. Cobra White House.
So eager to get a Jinx, and I'm hoping the Amazon Roadblock is a '86 tribute.

Everybody is a WIP. I hardly have the presence of mind / temperature to prime right now.

 Cobra de Aco / Steel Cobra : I made a Steel Cobra before, with a Flash body and Snake-Eyes head, all classic stylee. Then I went looking through GeneralJoes Mission Brazil review, and saw the picture of him with some B.A.T.s, and thought back to KrushViper's Cobra de Aco, as well as my plan to use the RoC Flash as a base, and had a spare Cobra Commander torso, and he came together.

The hardest part will be color-matching that yellow on the torso.

Recipe : Cobra Commander torso, Cobra Commander head, Flash arms, BAT legs.
 Frag Viper : Once I saw the Firefly torso (and the bit about his Predator helmet being a 360 degree sensing device), I thought about the Frag-Vipers. I just needed some arms with a good range, and some fairly baggy pants (the Jungle Duke legs seemed too thin with the torso.)

Recipe : Firefly head and torso, Firefly arms, Shock trooper legs, Duke/Stalker webgear.
 Guillotine : I originally went with a Lamprey, but it didn't seem as buff as he's depicted (Why, he's almost as big as MAJOR BARRAGE). I can't do the spine-sword with a straight face, but I need something for the belt.

Honestly, I'm down with Cobra-La, but that mall Goth pig-sticker leaves me cold.

Recipe : Copperhead torso and upper arms, Nemesis Immortal lower arms, Terra-Viper hands, Heavy Duty legs.
 HEAT Viper : I've seen two HEAT Viper concepts I've liked, Sgt. Humpty's and Ratfink's. A local preponderance of Charbroils pointed me towards the former.

I've still got to work out a helmet, and I think the Ripcord gear works as battle rattle (I'd rather keep my ammo on my hips instead of my boots...)

Recipe : Charbroil, Cobra Commander head, Ripcord gear.
Heli-Viper : I've been planning for this guy ever since I picked up the Snow Serpent Officer from the Ice Cutter.

Recipe :  Techno-Viper arms and torso, Snow Serpent Officer head, Copperhead legs, Jungle-Viper gear
 Ice Viper : The WOLF was a favorite vehicle of mine as a kid, and I got a spare Arctic HISS Driver in a trade, so it seemed an easy custom. But, I didn't like the usual Duke bandolier, and saw another customizer use Firefly's demo vest. (Which I intend to use for my eventual Avalanche as well.)

Recipe : Arctic Hiss Driver , Frostbite hands, Firefly vest, Cobra Trooper head
 Night-Vipers : A while ago, I traded for some Shock Troopers to make blueshirts from. Now that they've been in a few replenishment waves, blueshirts are dead common (and I never got enough Wv3 Snake-eyes to finish the project...), I've retasked these guys as Night-Vipers.

I still have to modify the pegs on the Jungle-Viper scopes to get them to fit the Wild Weasel helmet,  and I've got to get a couple more RoC Snake-eyes belts (the dagger across the chest.)

Recipe : Shock Trooper torso and arms, Jungle Viper gear and upper legs, Snake-Eyes lower legs, Wild Weasel/Cyber-Viper heads.
 Night Vulture : The Glider pilots were some real weirdos, so I doubt even the club will touch them. Still need something for that upper torso.

Recipe : Para-Viper, Alley-Viper lower arms and legs, Snake-Eyes head 
 Pathfinder : I picked up a spare Doom Rider on clearance, once I realized he had glasses and a black shirt, and might work for Pathfinder. Later I decided the Jungle Duke camo would look decent, and thought the Wild Bill hat would make him a little more Col. Kilgore.

Probably swap out the lower arms, since those black swivels never look right. 
 Python Trooper : I've been kitting out Python Patrol / Mission Brazil themed figures, since the 2011 Convention set is a distant fantasy (and I disagree with the recipes, as you'll see once I put up my Leatherneck.) PLus it gives me an excuse to make "PoC" versions. I'll have to use the older web-gear if I make more than two of these guys.

Recipe : Steel Brigade Delta torso and arms, Snake-Eyes legs
 SAW Vipers : So Zartan v3 was made out of SAW Viper parts, and one of the first SAW Viper customs I saw repainted a Zartan v13. So when I saw the Cyber Viper, I thought back to the Python Saw Viper. A couple spare Duke heads, and the newer Beachhead vest (from Double Clutch in this case.)

Recipe : Cyber-Viper, Wild Bill helmet, Beachhead vest
 Shipwreck : Revisiting my old LBC with a Steel Brigade torso and some Renegades Duke legs. I'm a big fan of that Spy Troops/VvV/Devils Due look, and I thought it would work in his old colors. Also, Recondo holster. 
 Sneak Peek : Swapped out that chunky Pit Commando vest for one from Renegades Ripcord.
 Spirit : Once I saw the Steel Brigade running change, I thought of my old Spirit project. Still not 100% on the Billy Sole head, and I may trim some of the gear for shinier, PoC/30th versions. Still have to put a knife in for the holster slot.

Changes : Steel Brigade torso and upper arms, Steel Brigade legs and knee-caps
 Steeler : Stalker, Snake-Eyes, and Hawk got some new version love, and I wasn't a fan of 25th's James Garner looking version. I had a version with Wild Bill's torso, but modern tankers wear more of a jumpsuit. Not a 100% on a head.

Recipe : Steel Brigade Delta torso, Skydive legs, Steel Brigade vest

 Stretcher : For an Olympic weight-lifter, Stretcher looked kind of scrawny. And I had a different idea for Hardball than the usual RoC Repeater swap.

Recipe : Recondo torso and upper arms, Repeater head and lower arms, Tomahawk legs, Alley-Viper helmet.
 Vector : I mostly remember Laser-Vipers from the GI Joe arcade game, but one popped up in Cobra's Emo Spec-Ops unit. I guess he spins all the Joy Division tracks.

That backpack is pieced together from Duke's backpack and two barrels from Jungle-Viper anti-material rifles.

Recipe : Star-Viper, Lamprey upper legs, Barbeque lower legs
Wide Scope : I picked up an Air Raid with those legs in mind for a Wide Scope, and once I get a spare Law&Order, he'll have a Lamont. I'll probably whip up a 30th looking Shockwave to go with him.

Recipe : Shock Trooper torso, arms and head, Air Raid legs, Beachhead vest.