It's no Atomic Volcano, but I like his style

I'm not sure what I'd do if I won $35 million in the lottery, but phrases like "Crime Zeppelin" and ""Schizoordinance" would become more common. That doesn't mean I disapprove of Jonathan Vargas and Wrestlicious
“It’s definitely always been a dream to be in the wrestling business. I grew up watching Jimmy Hart, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and it seems surreal that they are all part of Wrestlicious now” - press release
Well, technically it would be surreal if Brian Knobbs began melting in front of you, but I think if you said "Jimmy Hart, I want to spend $35 million dollars", there's a pretty realistic chance he'd show up. 

Also, kudos for choosing Lacey Von Erich as the pre-load image.