The Joys of Technical Writing

So, I'm sitting around, putting off my take-home test until after I find out whether my lab partner is dead, or just sleeping it off, and I check my email. Thanks to Google's clips, I see Friendly 'Death Star' Laser to Recreate Sun's Power.

Mr. Hsu, I don't mean to tell you your business, (I'm only a technical writer insofar as I have four awards for it),  but first off, "Friendly" and "Death Star" don't belong anywhere near each other. Especially, "Death Star" for an article about "building a miniature sun on Earth".

Secondly, I know this falls under the banner of popular science, but 180 million degree temperatures won't disintegrate Dr. Octopus' claws, BECAUSE HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I assume anyone reading this article is going to have a working knowledge of Spider-Man 2, as I haven't even seen the movie, and was familiar with Otto Octavius's fusion experiment. 

But seriously? Citing a Spider-Man movie in a science article? Cold Fusion is still a laughingstock thanks to the media coverage, and I'm pretty sure if someone isn't clear on the topic after saying "it's how the sun works" they won't get it if you say "it's that thing from Spider-Man."