I'm moving to Australia, and suing God

In the New South Wales Supreme Court today, Justice Michael Adams ruled that a fictional cartoon character was a "person" within the meaning of the relevant state and commonwealth laws.

"In my view, the magistrate was correct in determining that, in respect of both the commonwealth and the NSW offences, the word 'person' included fictional or imaginary characters ...," the judge said.

"... The mere fact that the figure depicted departed from a realistic representation in some respects of a human being did not mean that such a figure was not a 'person'."
Australia, isn't it simply easier to make drawing Bart Simpson's wang illegal than to introduce the most ludicrous legal ruling I've ever heard? 

Can I collect welfare for the support of my imaginary friends? 
Could I marry the Baroness? 
Can Dan Dare run for public office?

All the compos and spider venom have rotted your brain, Aussies.