Damnation, Uncle Al, you're not even trying

Alexander Cannon? Did you not want to change the monograms on your towels?

He said he had been told that King Edward was in the grip of "the leader of black magic in England", who had been called in to treat him for drunkenness.
One act involved putting Rhonda into a hypnotic trance to diagnose physical and psychological problems, as she glared at the patient.
Dr Cannon was renowned for prescribing exotic remedies for stress, alcoholism, sex and confidence problems.
Treatments included electrotherapies and Tibetan hypnosis techniques, learned while Dr Cannon was a prison doctor in China.

He lived at the neo Gothic mansion, Ballamore Castle, and his flamboyant lifestyle and love of black, a flowing cape and winged collars led a judge on the island to describe him as "eccentric".