G.I. Joe customs : Slice, Dice, Baby

 Dice : I saw a Dice custom a while back that used Para-Viper parts for the torso and upper legs to cut paint rub. I had to make a few changes from the Temple Snake-Eyes parts out of sheer cussedness. And with a ninja, I didn't have to figure out what those arm blades were for.

Still not a hundred percent on web-gear. The Firefly harness just seems too cramped.

Recipe : Para-Viper torso, upper legs, lower arms and head, Storm Shadow upper arms, Jungle Viper lower legs.
 Slice : The other half of Cobra's ninja bros. I made a one with a Marvel Universe figure, but it doesn't look right. He came about from some parts juggling from an Air-Viper and the Wild Weasel below.

Recipe : Red Ninja torso, Air Viper upper arms and legs, Resolute Trooper knees, Jungle Viper lower legs, mask from Temple Guardian Snake-Eyes, CS Snake-Eyes hands,.
Wild Weasel : After seeing Stronox's lower arm swap, I figured I had to do something about those goofy Snow Job arms. I was thinking of making a more Marvel comics flavored WW, and had been playing with an Air-Viper to do it. I noticed the lower arms were the same color plastic, and easy-peasy. Swapped the hands onto the new arms and away.

Recipe : Air-Viper lower arms, Cyber Viper helmet.
Zarana : I said I'd find that MU Storm jacket. For those Spy Troops fans out there.