G.I. Joe customs : Zarana fatigue celebration

So I survived a visit to Hasbro Toy Shop once the SDCC exclusives went up.

An hour and twenty-six minutes of page refreshes and realizing the credit card processor went down (if I had started with PayPal, I might have got the Cold Slither Zarana I had in my cart.) Not a big loss, since I was interested in parting her out (Legs to Munitia for the stockings, upper body for a Zanya. Ever since I saw the inexplicable cornrows on Scarlett, which might just be oddly wide hair texture, I thought she might be a good Zanya head.)

In Memorium (I'm sure not going to pay upwards of $90 on fodder), let's do our B.A. LeCarre impression, and listen to some Cold Slither:

Create-A-Cobra : I got out of Joe's without getting a Steel Brigade (I sure as hell pored over the ad, picking out weapon proficiencies for myself.), and Create-A-Cobra was way after that.

After I picked up the Wave 3 Trouble Bubble, though, I thought the Elite Viper looked like an extra from a Missy Elliot video, and therefore a perfect candidate for Create-A-Cobra.

Recipe : Elite-Viper body, Firefly/Scrap Iron/Shockwave belt, Air Raid/ Duke helmet, Destro gun
Mainframe : I think I like Mainframe so much because computer dudes are usually portrayed as space cases. Meanwhile, he got a CIB in Vietnam, then went into MIT. Plus, Zarana cared for him, and that might be more impressive.

I'll probably Dremel out the helmet and put it on a CP Hawk head. Mainframe's grizzled, not grisly. I really don't care for the Shipwreck torso, either. Only Tunnel Rat can pull it off.

Recipe : Python Viper torso, Firefly legs, Dataframe (???) head, lower arms, and strap.

Munitia : Another member of Cobra's emo special forces unit, The Plague. (I bet her DeadJournal is all Sylvia Plath quotes, and corpse pictures with Helvetica Bold captions.)

I do like her style though, the funky hip boots from her time as a HISS Driver and the head wrap. Since her figure was a recycled Baroness, I figured I'd follow suit.

Recipe : Baroness body, Helix lower legs, Snake Eyes hood
Spirit : Why not the PoC Spirit? Well,
Yes, I know Dart was a Spirit (and I'm not getting into the Airborne discussion again), but Dart is from White Earth, so that's as close to a home town (well, rez.) boy as I'll see in G.I. Joe, so he's on the to-do list.

(And I'm probably the only guy who liked the Spirit vs. Storm Shadow rivalry. So there.)

Recipe : Pit Trooper torso, Night Fox upper legs, Shadow Tracker's bitchin' hands, Spirit arms, lower legs and web-gear.

Speaking of Spirit and Airborne, my favorite panel