GI Joe Customs : We're all Airborne in here

Another mixed bag, due for some painting.

Blackout :  Part of the Family Stall, Blackout is otherwise notable for being part of the Plague, Cobra's Emo special forces unit. I wasn't a big fan of his silver highlights, in part because I went sickhouse with a Testor's silver paint pen as a kid to make my Joes more "realistic". (I think I read the customizing tips Smash the State was talking about.)

I came up with the Firefly vest on Snake Eyes combo trying to make a more "PoC" Airborne. Then I picked up Air Raid, who is supposed to be Airborne, and decided he'd be my Barrel Roll, and decided to use Res. Duke's headsculpt since they're brothers. I do have to make him a redhead.

(Also, if I ever make a Sky Patrol Airborne, I'll name him Air Raid. Hope that clarifies things.)

Recipe: Snake Eyes, Firefly vest, Res Duke head, Low-light goggles.

Ripcord : So, in addition to Zartan, Ripcord has been "Halo Jumper" / Airborne, Spc. Altitude (who is Freefall, not Major Altitude) and Marlon Wayans.

Also, Kool Keith is Dr. Dooom is Dr. Octagon is Black Elvis.

Recipe: Spc. Altitude, Kickstart head

(Yes, it's a repainted Airborne head. That's how deep the rabbit hole goes.)
Motor-Viper : I only remember Motor-Vipers from the 87' movie, but the Nitro-Viper didn't do much for me (neither did Nitro-Viper. Yep, another one.)

But when I was taking apart Wv5 Cobra Commander, I realized his arms were pretty boss. I had been thinking of the Resolute Trooper arms, instead of going with Zartan uppers for the shoulder armor.

Recipe: Nitro-Viper head, torso, lower legs, Wild Bill upper legs, Cobra Commander arms.
Escorpiao Voador : "Flying Scorpion" was part of the Brazilian Sky Patrol, and was made from Cesspool, Scoop and Recoil, none of whom have ME equivalents. With a different head, he could be the base for a Tigor, as well.

I'm fascinated by the international Joes, and especially new characters and backstories (Snake-Eyes is an alien Invasion force! Also a Harlequin Cyborg! Also Ragnar Ragnarsson of the SAS! ) That segues into the next guys...

Recipe: Air Viper torso and arms, res Duke legs, Night Fox webgear, Heavy Duty head (can remember which version, one has too short a neck hole though), Alley Viper helmet. I do have the one from Firefly, but this says "Scorpion" to me.
Gatilho / Trigger : The Python Gunman is another Airborne repaint, and one of two new Python Patrol characters to come from Brazil. I wondered how the Collector's Club would handle him.

And they made an Airborne repaint. Well played.

Recipe: Kickstart body, Airborne head and helmet, Beachhead vest.
Relampago / Lightning : The Python Motorcyclist was a Ripcord repaint. But there isn't a Ripcord you say? Oh yeah...

Once I saw Low-Light, I thought of Relampago's card art, and finding a second Low-Light on the pegs, I thought I'd go for it. Also have to trim the ammo clips on that vest.

Recipe: Low-LightFirefly vest, Rollbar helmet (wait a minute...)