Spam folder full of Anime characters and Old Ones

SPAM-BOO-BAH will grow!

(Click to embiggen. It's less cromulent that way.)

So, while I was making sure my lab partner's e-mails weren't coming back as spam, since I'm (greylisted?) on her e-mails (all bounces, all the time), I checked my Spam folder.

Good God.

  • Maude Nubia
  • Alva Corcoran
  • zhian-naittats
  • Daragh-izlepmel
  • Anastacia Saturnina
  • Gertha Emma
  • Shu Azalee
  • Logan Loris
  • Mongillo
  • Anjanette Rona
  • Ka Karmen
  • Jarkko
  • Chantle-bodemcon
  • Windy Elva
  • Mireya Pei
  • Tamiko Beckie
  • Min Margherita
  • Barrie Krystal
  • xoxhownwvxox
  • Marcy Sumiko
  • Ahmed Moses

The assortment of Rolex Replicas (I'm playing him in the next Mekton game I'm in) and \/|A5R/\ adds I'm fine with. (The L3g3L Windows and cheep software ads I'm not. I'm looking at you, Smith Micro. All of your e-mail are belong to spam.)

But having JARKKO tell me "Put her on fire" , or MONGILLO say "She'll eat you all day" sounds fairly disturbing.