Meming from the grave

After finally relenting to Software Update, I upgraded to the latest iTunes,
and now posess the power to shuffle. In honor of my newfound power to
cringe at my album collection anew, I present the soundtrack meme
from three months ago.

Opening Credits:
"Analog City" by Felix the Housecat. Short credits, maybe a loop. So far so good.

Waking Up:
"Tobe, Gundam!" Oh. hell. yes.

First Day At School:
"Downtown Dance" Irresponsible Captain Tylor OP. Waay too happy, but might
fit Junior/Senior year. Hmm. Junior year. I was insufferable back then.

Falling In Love:
"Mundian to Bach Ke" Panjabi MCs. I apologize for actually getting a love song.

Fight Song:
"Back on the Streets" by Hawkwind. I cannot understand the nature of this battle.

Breaking Up:
"Stairway to the Stars" by Blue Oyster Cult. Awesome.

"Reproaches (live take)" by DJ SHRAPNEL. If my prom was 5:32 of japanese
speed techno, I would be a better man today.

"GI JOE theme" by the Minibosses.
I can't question this.

Mental Breakdown:
"Save Yourself" McAuley Schenker Group. "Your finest hour has just begun."
I always wanted to go insane for a higher purpose.

"Turbo Pod on our Tail" Michael Boddicker, Buckaroo Banzai Soundtrack.
Very Also Sprach Zarathrustra.

"The Interview" by Deadbolt. Man gets tortured for two and a half minutes.
Apparently, I used to be George Clooney in Syriana.

Getting Back Together:
"King Kong" by Jad and David Fair.
"King Kong was bound by love, it trapped his soul."

"Smack my Bitch up ( Fatboy Slim remix)" by Prodigy.
Can't make this shit up folks.

Birth of Child:
Aura (instrumental) by Shinzi Tanimura. It's okay, Hon. It'll all be over in 4:48

Final Battle:
I always knew a german man screaming for two minutes would be my end.
Might be a Monty Python joke.

Death Scene:
"Thief" by Kosheen. "I failed to read the sign that it's over."
I DO want to die to this.

Funeral Song:
"Onyx is Back" by Onyx. Screw you, jazz funerals.(I cheated on this one. It
actually gave a three second soundfile that said "I'll try to cheer them up."

End Credits:
"Superfreak (Friday Night Posse remix)" by Beatfreakz. Rick James...and Over.