Night creepin'

A little while back, I was reading General Joe's review of City Strike Duke, a figure I had passed on a couple of times. Why?

  1. Channing Tatum
  2. Duke
  3. Ninja Duke
  4. Giant Handlebars

Then, I had the thought, Cobra Strike Team Urban Division Night Creeper. He already had a remake in the RoC 2 pack with Night Force Shockwaveblast, but the camo party pants, and the Reactive Suit armor looked like they'd work. So during my twice weekly sushi run to Wal-Mart (only one guy in town makes Inari), I picked him up.

At first, I was stuck on two things, a head and boots. The Night Creeper lower legs simply wouldn't fit the leg pegs, and with ventilation non-existent in wintertime, I can't cast a head (though sculpting one isn't out of the question.) Then, from the pile of Neo-Vipers (as one review put it, everyone's army building NeoVipers, whether they want to or not. I've got about a dozen without even trying.), an answer arose. The Target Rescue Pack Naval NeoVipers had about the same blue lowers, and the Techno-Gothic boots looked about right, and I used the cyclops pattern technique on a NeoViper  head to make the visor (the eyebrows are obscured thanks to the headscarf.) It also had the nice side effect of simulating the "Steel Surprise" all the Night Creepers wear. a little sanding to remove the crocodile smile, and away.

(Defense of Cobra Island, RoC 2pk, Frankencreeper.)

I do think the silver line in the visor might be the way to go. His face looks a little indistinct otherwise.

Bonus: April O'Neil (after I found a Rowdy Roddy Piper, and found out he had a microphone (1:18 scale promos to cut) it was inevitable. I suppose Hector Ramirez is in my future as well, once I get the camera from the Best of the 80's set.) and the Shredder, WIP.

April is a Cover Girl, with a Helix head and some conspicuous green stuff additions. The legend of the Press badge that was removed from her action figure (the company thought kids would expect an action feature, and press the badge, and be disappointed.), made the Cover Girl base a natural. Now, to get some decal paper, and make it happen.

Shredder is the torso and hood of Resolute Comic Pack Storm Shadow, with NeoViper legs, Firefly head, and Cobra Commander cape. I still have to figure out a way to make tiny blades (styrene?) for his arms and legs, and maybe dye the cape a proper purple.

Dice is where the Storm Shadow legs went to, attached to a "battle damaged" Snake Eyes torso and arms, and the Dice mask from the Storm Shadow pack.