Tale of the Tape

Somehow, it's taken me almost 18 years to finish watching Bubblegum Crisis. I started summer 92', with a T-160 video tape filled with Lupin: Castle of Cagliostro, Patlabor: the Movie, 4 episodes of Bubblegum Crisis, and the Daicon III & IV intros. All of them were taped from Laserdiscs, and no subtitles. Thankfully in those days, synopses were published in fanzines, and I had write ups from Mecha Press to work from. Years later, when dubs (gasp) and subtitles were available, I had a better idea what was going on, but even unable to tell more than "robots blow shit up, are blown up in turn by armored women", Bubblegum Crisis was the stand-out to me.

Sometimes, I would just rewind and watch the intro to the first episode over and over, watching the Boomer tear shit up to "There's a Hurricane Tonight"

I was fascinated by the style, and the enemy being an evil corporation. Mind you, at the time I wasn't of the opinion that there was a good corporation, but that's beside the point. It was also my first brush with "Cyberpunk", shortly followed by Wild Palms and Snow Crash (Thanks to a free copy with Spectre VR.) At the time, I was still heavily into "Scientifiction", Perry Rhodan, and Lovecraft pastiches, so for a computer dweeb, a world where console cowboys broke everything and had hot sex with cybered-up, battle-hardened women sounded pretty decent.

The music also deserves praise, capturing the mood of the series, and remaining listenable after all this time:

(Yes, it's the english version. I sacrilegiously like it better.)

Of course, the poor AD Police deserve a mention.

If you think popups are bad, think of them coming up when you're thermo-scanning people who might be Boomers.

"We've got a BU-12C Military grade Boomer loose on James Cameron. Unit 28, can you respond?"

"Unit 28, can you hold the subject until reinforcements arrive?"

(I always slip this guy into the first episode when I remember it.)