Killer Ground 'Bots Out of Iraq: How Come?
- His understanding is that “the gun started moving when it was not intended to move.”
Hey, something's actually coming out of this war. Sadly, the Green Goblin truck is still on stoploss. Hang in there, good buddy.

New anti-terror weapon: Hand-held lie detector
Even less accurate than polygraphs? Used by armed men in high-intensity situations? This'll work out great!

Texas Steel Cage Cancer Match:
Boy's Donated Organs Lead To Cancer In Four Recipients
Florida Man Hopes Invention Will Help Find Cancer Cure

Any cancer cure that starts from pie plates and hot dogs sounds fine by me. Countdown till the FDA burns his notes in a dumpster begins now.

Edit: Almost forgot to take my Rad Tabs.

Yeah, I know they're cigs in the movie, but it's one of my favorite uses of the trope.