Journal of Unsolicited Poetry, Vol 1.

Welcome all to the first edition of The Journal of Unsolicited Poetry.
This irregular Journal collects the works submitted over the
last 30 days before the publication date. I'm happy to see
so many new names here, all working in the pioneering
manner of Burroughs and Gysin, some breaking the rules of
Micropoetry itself. There are some collaborative works here,
such as Gist and Sharkey, and the stunning first work of
Deshaunn Capps, who I hope to hear more of in the future.
I congratulate all of these artists, toiling in their day jobs
as copywriters, for their brilliant work.
- John Sarkos,
January 16, 2007

Yoshiko Brunner

before she mentioned the gig.

was. It was better lit now and I saw that rows of seats reached up in
and practically hypnotized into immobility. So it wasnt just a matter
hope. The door opened and there was a hiss, rumble and clank behind me
these musicians before-on the box-so their delightful entertainment
Thats great news. Over and out. I raised my voice. Company-halt.
themselves the Machmen. Man is strong, woman weak, virility rules,
And it really was special. We watched ourselves attacking the song
eternal-and four hundred and twelve channels.
gloomily into space.

Sarava Darossa

baksheesh for years. They started selling it to support the habit.

The bit more went on a bit more than I appreciated and I was just
Dont these sheot shepherds ever wash? Tremearne asked.
He placed a small recorder on the table, stepped back. The green
Training film? You mean more about the pool in the forest?
soon as you spoke.
really eye-bugging time for the tourists.
Maybe, but not too clear. Could have been here once but it is so
We were very silent on our return trip, scarcely aware of the
some firewood. It is breakfast time.

Ciara Blass

you one. You may be a big man out there in the galaxy, but here you

Could you teach me unarmed defense?
I heard the same thing. Grab Floyd, He must be recovering because I
which was tastefully labeled with jewel-studded gold letters PEDERASTS
to supply a leader for them to follow? I asked.
Given to us when we were booted out of the place. Hints made of
He looked from me to Floyd, even down at Fido who wagged its tail,
us informed about all the masculine meanderings beyond the wall. I
But there is a road alongside it. Which appears to be the only road
someone who sort of makes up the tunes, then writes down the stuff

Merrick Holzclaw

giants back and kidneys that opened his mouth wide with pain, forcing

sleeping patrol.
To do what?
you agree to take orders from me and no one else. Even better. Now I
frequencies and that would be the end of that. Anyone know of a kind
about the . . . execution.
labors to you. Since you gentlemen come from the surging, mongrel
Where? Floyd asked, since he had only heard my side of the
You will come. Quickly.
behind completely with that one. Explanation?
covered with rusty, reddish hair. His beard cascaded down his chest-
A bit hungover are we? Steengo asked cheerfully. I suppose there

Danette Hanney

these myths to justify their existence.

shyster who is theoretically paid to uphold the law. Yet you stand by
behind me-along with most of the squad of guards. Everyone wanted to
before. Not one with six legs.
hair, were the only signs of age.
We burtued at a slow trot, down the road and turned right at the
his downfall had been an accident. I blocked his punch, grabbed and
Are we going to have to talk to all of them?
We are born into danger; we leave it only when we die.
It was pretty good. Before we got to the second chorus the stampede

Paol Overton

Teddy. Not a real bear. Teddies are for children and you are no

Who seems to be the top trader around here.
Discarded. Gone from Paradise. Non-existent. Men have no need of
You wouldnt like to, maybe, explain just what you are talking
as supports for a singularly crude platform. Planks had been set up
Dont we look for the thing any more? Floyd asked worriedly. A good
We are born into danger; we leave it only when we die.
doesnt like this operation? Who wants it to fail?
going out live. Only with a him instead of a her.
Your restraints will be removed and you will be given an orientation

Naomi Portillo


tired eyes, I followed the others. Outdoors into a field of ripening
had had about enough for one day. We were alive, if not too well. We
they were arranging around the platform; there were even a few flowers
but a very good one. These militaristic themes were also carried
the Pentagon with the Machmen close by outside it. The Fundamentaloids
But what about the thirty-day poison?
in, probably caused by drugs in the earlier session, rendered that
Shbsha . . . I said, or something like that. Chomped my dry mouth
tomorrow is another day. Forget it.

Unnur Carpenter

shut and I was alone. Very much alone.

what all that was about?
his henchmen roared with laughter at his subtle humor.
without meeting any opposition. Though I had the gun ready just in
scatologically; he had a fine turn of phrase and went on for a long
says it looks like we are but really rooty-getooty!
Just knock off the superior attitude cagal, diGriz. I know your
guessing. I put the finger out again and promised myself that I would
he dropped the prints through a slot. A second hologram floated in the
Pretty tightly is not the way I would describe it. Hermetically.

Dayna Franco

information and have been not only rebuffed but warned off.

I put on my funky bejeweled spectacles and looked through the door.
again and then-with sudden determination-turned and hurried off. He
Floyd and Steengo were ushered reverently into the other vehicle.
doing my duty. Which is to sample your saliva. And test it, which I
grins and handshakes over our heads. When the shouts had died away old
I havent the slightest idea. Why?
closed the window and went to bed. It had been a very, very long day.
Gone, Majesty. All gone. Just lake all of those who have gone
technical observers seem sure that the artifact is down there

Danilo Camarillo

door. A young woman with torn clothing, dusty and staggering.

silent steps in his direction and launched myself into a flying kick
that lowered the ability to think clearly, that left the brain open to
situation here on this planet. Not only the way your group is being
Ill try to remember that. And I want to copy this into memory in my
I know a lot more than that, he said pressing the beard and
even paler. He worked his way through them all. Sighed tremulously,
I suppose there are plenty of job opportunities for skilled
Discarded. Gone from Paradise. Non-existent. Men have no need of
and His followers. That has been told. And it is told that to avoid

Snorri Chong

I cannot answer that. But I have been instructed to take you to

Not a real dog, Steengo said, turning away from me. A symbolic dog
this the chamber will be flooded with water by an automatic device
others come, to more pressing business. Since I am now in the open, so
What good will you do me-if the trial will be after my execution?
not be hurt-but only if you answer truthfully. You have seen this
Nor would our watcher answer any questions in the few minutes that we
Swallow. This. Will. Help.
Veldi looked in.
some time for us to extract ourselves from the attentive embrace of

Jai Gist

Training and programming, dear boy. Before this present assignment I

combat, why none of us would be here. Thanks guys. Mission complete
Steengo nodded agreement, then winced and touched the bandage around
I projected a holo of a watch. I truly dont know-because I dont
injections that were to simulate the aftereffects of our drug
rations. Which had the texture of cardboard-if not the same exciting
my pendant skull-computer but of course it was gone with the rest of
Take yourself in hand, Jim! I ordered. Reached back and took a
I remember it. The show about the cook who marries the dictator.
guns, Rapellit-binetti X-nineteens. Rate of fire twelve hundred rounds

Lizaveta Pridgeon

I shall query the people involved hourly on the hour, he said

around. Any requests?
as my bonds snapped open. I rubbed my stiff arms and stood up slowly
So everyone out there is a nutcase or a weirdo of some kind?
I kept turning to face the rear. I reached out and got a hand on the
passed the wall was high and unscalable. Though I stayed in radio
know about. That I dont know about. Because I watch the watchers. I
decision. We have heard, from reliable sources, that there is to be
had found the artifact so our mission was accomplished. The fact that
What was in that green beer? Floyd said hoarsely, then began to

Marisol Spohn

He said nothing, just leaned over to retrieve the gun.
subside. We have indeed been hard done by.

almost touching, wrapped up in each other. I was forgotten. I hated
The last time I looked she was. I moved sideways a bit, closer to
little explanation is very much in order.
He started towards Steengo, a red giant of unleashed power. Hands
Absolutely, Floyd. With their protection we need not feel insecure.
barked, and when I looked up launched itself down at me. I caught it,
And more still ahead, Madonette said. Three bricks high now.
I really slept, I said. Like a rock. Thirsty.
attractive. Tired-looking vegetables, crude clay pots, piles of dried

Leigh Christiano

join the other three already up. Made for some interesting shadows. A

I dont think that this tune would make the galactic top ten but it
birdbrains present. Men struggled to draw weapons and roared crude
we are enjoying your hospitality, neither I nor my associates will
glowing numbers appeared before me.
Neath the blue sun.
I am afraid that it was, and I do apologize. But you must realize
sort of life they prefer to live. Without endangering the peaceful
next to him. Who folded and dropped without a sound.
Ill need another bullet, he said. With my voice.
Wish I could-but theyre nomads.

Loyd Sharkey

Then here we go. Packs on, weapons ready, fingers crossed. Forward!

of the barred door. Instantly. If you attempt to touch me or the
And a good-morning bow-wow to you gentlemen. Your new friend has
You are all here now, Iron John said. Soldier-guard the entrance.
I jumped to my feet, spilling dry crumbs of dead sandwiches onto the
guns, Rapellit-binetti X-nineteens. Rate of fire twelve hundred rounds
looked fearfully at the Commander who sneered in return.
Nothing, I said.
And wants to hear more. On tour. Which is impossible. The planet is
A stripped-down version wouldnt have been half as much fun for him

Deshaunn Capps

asked. The gas projector I had palmed when my back was turned towards

Biagino Starr

once again by the lake.
and plenty of rest and raw vegetables. Think positive.

He looked startled at my tone, put it back on the table and turned it
Why do you grieve, oh king? he asked in a light and clear voice.
to me and . . .
punched deep into your mind, into your subconscious. You were being
what all that was about?
ability by your almost-successful theft. The poison guarantees your
Why unhappily and tragically?
Either to guard the beasts or keep them from wandering. I have a
sound as well. The audience was looking at the screen instead of at us
combative, confrontational, insecure and unstable-and appear to need

Agapito Horner

on pulleys to the rear of the chariot. This lifted and dropped a small

be less trouble to them if I were safely dead. And there were only
there are any other coins not in our custody the signal will sound.
Are you there, Aida? Madonette said.
This was all done with ruthless efficiency. My toes dragged along the
ear as he rumbled on.
mortally wounded animals filled the room.
Foods food and I never consider the source. Floyd reached for
could just as easily have killed you. Then we could rustle all your
climb up. Floyd saw my condition and if he hadnt half dragged me I
You might say that.

Cuc Harjo

That sounds like absolute waffle to me. The truth, now, or you are

smile like a poker player laying down five Aces.
Footsteps sounded in the darkness, and there was a small laugh. Light
sentenced to death-without making any attempt to interfere?
before him, behind him-striking him. Wearing him down.
it all. The test circuitry is simply testing the circuits of your
out of sight of the others-and talk to him. Show him the photograph
as I could I constructed a new tachyometer, conveyed it to the site of
she appears to be . . .
passed me he dropped something small into my lap. I waited a minute

Hedwig Higgenbotham

Everything, you dimwit. That is why I am here.
booklet, a canteen of distilled water, as well as a weeks supply of

survivors aside, tell them about me and the assignment. Ill meet them
the photo. Turning it around at arms length, squinting farsightedly
like you say. He swung about and stamped over to me. Now you give
drinking even more. We played a number but no one was listening.
No, of course it couldnt be. The man at the bottom of the pool has
porcuswine prods stomped up and glared obnoxiously while our manacles
What was I doing here, hanging upside down from the ceiling of the
there any remote possibility that I might be informed of the nature of
Source not visible.

Bosmat Hiller

rehearse the stuff and hopefully gain at least a moderate level of

No. But the thirty days are past. Two days ago!
they are?
this in. Drinks! he ordered his men. And food whatever they want.
Vote seconded, motion passed. They were all horizontal now. I took
forever. It is their rare privilege to be admitted to Paradise as full
going. I shut up. Floyd shook the spittle from his so-called musical
and a mighty organ sounded out the opening bars of Mutants of
Iron John-you have forgotten something. You have forgotten me.
Youre right. We dont. During the sleepless hours of the night I