Thanks Mearls!

Which Family Guy character are you?

Yes, more interweb tomfoolery.
Also, thanks to Dork Tower,
without which I never would have made Igor Bars.
WTF, you may ask? (I ask as well, because if you're reading this
a) you know me, and
2) you're probably still playing Halo2 at the Pancake Hut.)
Take chocolate chip cookies, add caramel on top, now adhere
rice crispy(tm) treats on top. now add topping of your choice,
in this case a simple chocolate sauce.
Now wire the guys shooting you in the head (Hi, Joe) on a sugar buzz.
Also thanks for Generic Rice Creepies for the recipie.

You know, for a megalomaniac, or at least a SIAT mastermind,
I'm terribly accomidating to friends. Maybie, I'll coat the next
post in slow acting poison.